This popular treatment extends the length of your nail and wraps them with a strong layer of Acrylic. Your nails will be strong, glamorous and more natural looking than ever.

01. Full Set £32.00
02. Full Set overlay on your Natural nails £32.00
03. Refill (extra £1.5 for any replacement nail) £23.00
04. Take off Acrylic only  £12.00
05. Take off Gels only  £6.00

Pink or White powder tips or Glitter colour powder tips

With this treatment you will say goodbye to chipping, fading white tips or colour. It will help your nails look glamorous and stronger than ever.

01. Full Set £42.00
02. Refill (extra £1.5 for any replacement nail) £32.00

Acrylic Powder Colour or Glitter Acrylic Colour

This treatment for ever lasting polish, your nails will look glamourous and shinier than ever.

01. Full Set £40.00
02. Infill with whole colour change (extra £1.5 for any replacement nail) £32.00
03. Infill with same colour (extra £1.5 for any replacement nail) £29.00
04. Full set ombré £42.00
04. Shellac full set £20.00
05. Shellac full set Bulder Base £25.00
06. Bulder gels full set on your natural nails £30.00
07. Full set acrylic with 1 Gels colour on top £40.00
08. Infill with 1 colour Gels on top £30.00
09. Take off and new set with pink & white powder or powder colour or glitter powder tip £48.00
10. Take off and new set with permanent white tip or natural tip £40.00
11. Take off acrylic with gels white tips or colour tip £32.00
12. Take off acrylic and Gels colour £30.00
13. Take off (includes polish) £18.00
14. Take off (with white tips painted) £20.00
15. French polish £15.00
16. Colour polish £12.00
17. Cutdown £3.00
The treatment removes all dead hard skin and shapes and cuts cuticle, with traditional massage by hand. It will make your feet feel very clean and soft. It will make walking more comfortable and feel like you are walking on air. Enjoy your luxury pedicure spa system plus a back massage chair. A treat for Ladies and Gents.

Luxury special Diamond Pedicure


Price: £70
Indulge in the ultimate luxury with our exclusive Diamond Pedicure, designed to provide the highest level of pampering and relaxation. This elite treatment includes:
🌿Deluxe Spa Pedicure 4-in-1 Soothing CBD
  • Step 1: Natura Spa Pedi Salt: Envelop your feet in a soothing blend of fresh Sea Salt and Essential Oils, purifying and hydrating your skin.
  • Step 2: Collagen Sugar Scrub and Callus Remover: Gently exfoliate dead skin and stimulate circulation for velvety-soft feet.
  • Step 3: Premium Pedi Cream Mask (Paraffin or Collagen): Deep cleanse, detoxify, and tighten your pores, leaving your feet refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Step 4: Luxurious Collagen Massage Lotion: Infuse your skin with rich moisture and soothing relief, ensuring a smooth, silky finish.
Exclusive Benefits:
  • Heavenly foots Massage with Hot Stone: Hot Towels steamer fresh juice Experience deep relaxation with a therapeutic melting away stress and tension.
  • Deluxe Aromatherapy Treatment: Delight your senses with calming and revitalizing essential oils, enhancing your spa experience.
  • Complimentary Champagne and Gourmet Refreshments: Enjoy a glass of bubbly and a selection of gourmet treats, adding a touch of elegance to your visit.
  • Personalized Spa Environment: Savor the tranquility of a serene and private setting, tailored to your comfort and relaxation.
Treat yourself to the Diamond Pedicure at Rayleigh Nail Spa, where luxury meets unparalleled care.


Luxury special Gold Pedicure



Price: £60

Rejuvenate and refresh with our Silver Pedicure, a perfect blend of essential care and relaxation:

Deluxe Spa Pedicure 4-in-1 Soothing CBD:

  • Step 1: Natura Spa Pedi Salt: Deodorize, sanitize, moisturize, and hydrate your feet for a clean, refreshing feel.
  • Step 2: Collagen Sugar Scrub and Callus Remover: Gently exfoliate and improve circulation, leaving your feet soft and smooth.
  • Step 3: Pedi Cream Mask (Paraffin or Collagen): Apply to cleanse, detoxify, and tighten pores, revitalizing your skin.
  • Step 4: Collagen Massage Lotion: Hydrate and soothe your skin with our aromatic cream, ensuring a silky finish.

Silver Benefits: 

  • Relaxing Foot Massage: Hot towels hot stone steamer Relieve stress and tension with a soothing massage.
  • Complimentary Refreshments: Enjoy a selection of beverages during your treatment.

Book your appointment today and experience the ultimate in pampering at Rayleigh Nail Spa!


Luxury Spa Pedicure with Gels polish 


Luxury Spa Pedicure with Normal polish 


01. Special Luxury Nuskin Spa Pedicure with gels polish £50.00
02. Special Luxury Nuskin spa pedicure with normal polish £40.00
03. Special Nuskin spa Manicure with gels polish £35.00
04. Special Nuskin Manicure with normal polish £28.00
05. Manicure with normal polish £18.00
06. Manicure with normal white tips polish £22.00
07. Manicure with gels polish £30.00
During this special treatment the following will be used:
Nuskin Sole solution Foot Cream – this helps reduce hardened, cracked foot skin and helps keep feet soft, keeping moisture in the skin
Nuskin Ice Dancer Invigorating Leg Gel Cream – This helps relax leg muscles and reduces pain.
Nuskin Firewalker Foot Fream – Cream helps relax the feet, reduce tiredness, increase blood circulation to the feet.
Nuskin Baobob Body Butter – Skin care cream helps smooth your feet all day, keeping the skin moist so it does not dry out.
Enjoy your special luxury Nuskin pedicure plus a back massage chair. Your feet will feel better than ever. Treatment for Ladies and Gentlemen.

The treatment extends the length of your toe. Wrap them with a strong layer of acrylic to make them the same length and look glamorous.

01. Full set acrylic toe with permanent white tip or natural tip (includes polish) £40.00
02. Infill toes whith normal polish 
03. Full set toespermanent colour or permanent glitter colour £42.00
04. Shellac Toe Full Set £25.00
05. Polish toe (colour) £15.00
06. Polish toe (white tip) £18.00

Nail Art (By hand) or air brush design

01. Nails Art From £5.00
02. 10 Diamonds From £4.00
03. Toes Design From £3.00

Discover the Ultimate relaxation with Thai Back Massage Treatment. You will indulge in the delicate combination of exfoliating dead skin with an organic herbal collagen-support mask, along with the use of hot towels and hot stones, stimulating blood circulation and reducing muscle tension.

Let us pamper you and restore your body and soul today!.

Special Thai Back Massages

1 hour From £70.00


40 mins From £50.00

Appointment only on Tuesday & Webnesday!

Nuskin Facial Special (includes Indian head massage) Special From

This treatment can peel off dead skin, tighten skin, reduce acne and rosacea, smooth ion surface, pump collagens and serum into skin and push moisture, contour facial, lean firm skin. This deeply relaxing treatment uses micro-current to tighten and tone the muscles in your face. Your skin will get brighter, firmer, finely contoured and younger looking. Incorporating wrinkle reduction serum and a lifting firming mask.

01. Nuskin Facial From £60.00 
02. Dermatalogical Facial  From £50.00 

03. Nuskin Basic Facail on Pedicure chair 

(Indulge in a luxurious session where hot steam deeply cleanses away dead skin, followed by a collagen lifting mask to revitalize and moisturize your skin)

From £30.00 

04. Dermaplaning Facial



A steam facial for deep cleansing to remove dead skin cells and a treatment tohelp rebalance hydration, nourish and restore natural radiance, giving skin am instant boost. Enjoy a relaxing shoulder!

01. Russian Set of Eyelashes Extentions Thick From £65.00
  Nature From £55.00
02. Russian Eyelashes infills   From £35.00
03. Set of Hybrid Eyelashes Extensions (Mixes between Single lashes & Russian lashes Thick From £65.00
  Nature From £55.00
04. Hybrid Eyelashes infills   From £35.00
05. Classic (individual) Eyelashes Extensions   From £55.00
  Half Set From £30.00
06. Classic (individual) infills   From £30.00
07. Cluster Eyelash Extension Full set (thick)   From £30.00
08. Hanna Eyebrows tint
  From £25.00
09. Eyelash Tint   From £8.00
10. Eyebrow Tint   From £8.00
11. Lash & Brow Tint   From £15.00

Book Appointments

Please any Eyelashes Extensions 

(Only available on Tuesday & Thursday)

01. Consultation   Free
02. Eyeliner / Thicker eyeliner From £280
03. Top Eyeliner From £140
04. Bottom Eyeliner From £140
05. Eyebrow Hair Strokes From £280
06. Eyebrow block colour From £280
07. Full Lip From £350
08. Lip Liner From £280
09. Colour Boost (12/18 Months) From  £100
01. Full leg wax From £40.00
02. Half leg wax From £25.00
03. Bikini line wax From £20.00
04. Chin or upper lip wax From £8.00
05. Full arm wax From £30.00
06. Half arm From £20.00
07. Eyebrow wax From £8.00
08. Hair wash Blow dry (including Head massage) – Available Soon! From £30.00
Full Set Permanent White tips or Normal polish with students Under 16  £28.00

Gift Vouchers are available!

They make the perfect present for friends, family or a loved one.

Free service of Tea, Coffee , Water Chocolates, Fizzy Drinks, Squash